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Supplier credit

Agreeing to payment terms is sometimes critical to obtaining an export contract. You wish to be able to grant your buyer credit of more than 2 years as part of your export contract.

Thanks to Crédit Agricole Group's supplier credit, you can allow your client to benefit from financing over more than 2 years while preserving your cash flow.

Basic principles

Basic principles

You wish to discount or assign your supplier credit receivables of more than 2 years to your foreign buyer. This receivable is documented either by:

  • Promissory Notes or Letters of Exchange, 
  • an invoice, a schedule etc. 

The Bank buys back the financing that you have granted to your buyer without recourse as part of the commercial contract. This type of financing is usually covered (in whole or in part) by cover provided by the export credit agency of your country. 

You must purchase an insurance policy with our partner Bpifrance Assurance Export* (formerly Coface) to protect yourself against business (default or insolvency of the debtor), political or catastrophic risk (general moratorium, occurrence outside France of a war, revolution or riot, natural disasters, etc.). The Bpifrance Assurance Export percentage of cover is 95%. It can be increased to 100% for transactions carried out by companies (mid-caps and SMEs) whose turnover is less than or equal to €150 million.

*Since 1 January 2017, our partner Bpifrance Assurance Export, subsidiary of Bpifrance SA, ensures the management of public export guarantees in the name, on behalf of and under the control of the State pursuant to art. L 432-2 of the Insurance Code.

Your needs

Your needs

    You are an exporter of equipment or services and you wish to be able to grant your buyer credit of more than 2 years in your export contract of a minimum amount of €3,500,000 or its equivalent value in USD or CHF, as part of a non-recourse purchase.

    Below this amount, the supplier credit can be structured as part of a confirmed documentary credit covered by Bpifrance Assurance Export.



This type of credit is one of the classic techniques of Export Credit and offers the exporter the following advantages:

  • Flexibility and speed of implementation of financing,
  • Entry into force of the commercial contract is faster because there is no waiting for the signature of the loan agreement between a bank and its borrower,
  • Off-balance sheet financing for the exporter since the repurchase of the receivable is made without recourse against it,
  • Financing costs are usually deferred to the buyer under the commercial contract. 
Technical data

Technical data

And more

Crédit Agricole is a world leader in export financing.

We have a network of experts in 18 countries. Our professionals have long-standing relationships with over 25 export credit agencies in exporting countries, as well as with importing and exporting customers. They have extensive experience developing tailored consulting and financing solutions around a wide range of projects in all sectors.

We support you for specific clauses of your offers and your commercial contract and in your dealings with Bpifrance Assurance Export and the competent French authorities.

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