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You are an exporter and you are looking for a solution that allows you to set a deferred payment for your customers abroad (or even for your buyers in France), while having the assurance of being paid in advance. Choose Crédit Agricole Group's Forfaiting solution, which is a means of financing trade receivables, allowing trading partners to negotiate payment terms. 

Conversely, you are looking for a solution to obtain payment terms with your suppliers, while providing them with the assurance of being paid immediately. Choose Crédit Agricole group’s Reverse Forfaiting solution.

Basic principles

Basic principles

Product of management of trade receivables and export financing, Forfaiting is the purchase (by way of discounting) without recourse(*) against the transferor/exporter of its debt created through carrying out its commercial service.

Through the discount, the exporter receives immediate payment of its receivable documented by:

  • Promissory note
  • Letter of exchange
  • Invoice
  • Documentary credit 

(*) This is legally limited recourse, in principle to cases of fraud or commercial litigation

Your needs

Your needs

    You want to:

    • be competitive by matching your commercial offer of payment terms
    • improve your working capital requirements,
    • remove the receivable from your balance sheet in accordance with IAS 39 accounting standards,
    • cover the risk of insolvency of the importer or its bank as well as its “country risk”



  • Obtaining longer payment terms, up to 100% of the commercial contract amount,
  • Obtaining a fixed rate for the entire duration of the deferred payment,
  • Accounting on the balance sheet of a supplier's debt and not a financial/banking debt.


  • Hedging of risks:
    • of non-payment (commercial, political),
    • of interest and exchange rates, 
  • Contribution of cash corresponding to assigned receivables
  • Management of the recovery of the receivable in the hands of the bank
  • Free choice of assigned receivables.
Technical data

Technical data

And more

Our extensive expertise 

Our group, one of the trailblazers to offer this know-how to its clients in France, is a founding member of IFTA.

Proven technical assistance and advisory capacity

  • Crédit Agricole CIB was part of the editorial board of the Uniform Rules of Forfaiting (URF 800) published under the aegis of the ITFA and the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) 
  • Crédit Agricole CIB was voted the best bank in Western Europe in Trade Finance by Global Trade Review, and often cited ("highly commended") for forfaiting by Trade Finance or Trade & Forfaiting Review magazines. 

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