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Local hosting of operations & outsourced management of subsidiaries

You want to facilitate your presence in distant Export markets.  The Crédit Agricole group and its partner, ALTIOS International* offer hosting structures for the accommodation of your employees, VIE, representative offices or subsidiary in markets where ALTIOS International has offices.

* Established in 1991, our partner ALTIOS International has specialised for more than 25 years in the consulting and operational support of international exporting companies. ALTIOS International has developed partnership agreements with the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks and LCL. 
With its 18 subsidiaries and 160 employees, ALTIOS International has supported more than 5000 French companies since 1991in their international growth projects, in order to approach foreign markets in optimal conditions and strengthen their activities.

Basic principles

Basic principles

Through its Business Centres, ALTIOS International hosts a large number of French companies by providing them with commercial offices combining accommodation, workstations, addresses solutions, meeting rooms, umbrella company services for your employees (VIE or local employees), administrative support (visas), legal and tax assistance, administrative and accounting management services etc.

Your implementation could range from simple accommodation for your employee (or VIE), to mentoring / coaching of your employees, help establishing the business address and/or legal counsel of your subsidiary and creation and administrative management and accounting. These services allow you to develop sales or start your implementation project with reduced investments while benefiting from direct access to the market.


Operational accommodation including:

  • Set up your company with an address and a phone number in the country,
  • The provision of an office and complete equipment for your employees: photocopier, telephone, fax, Internet access,
  • Access to our meeting rooms to host your visitors,
  • In your absence, our secretarial staff will answer and manage your calls.

Access to the administrative and legal services of our offices:

  • The recruitment of your employees: sales reps, technicians, sales administration etc.
  • Umbrella company for companies that do not have a local legal structure, 
  • Management of monthly pay roll and social security contributions,
  • Mentoring and coaching of the company's employee.

Access to local banking services (cash collections etc.) is handled by the Crédit Agricole Group International Desks Network.


ALTIOS International offers to manage the running of your subsidiaries abroad and to limit your management costs.

Creation of the subsidiary:

  • Filing of name and statutes
  • Registration with the tax and social authorities 
  • Interface between the different experts: lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists etc.

Administrative and accounting management:

  • The legal address of the head office,
  • Provision of local directors and administrators (delegation of management),
  • Keeping the day-to-day accounts (entering sales invoices, paying supplier invoices etc.),
  • Recruitment and accommodation of support staff,
  • Employees management: umbrella company, payroll, social security contributions,
  • Preparation of annual balance sheets with a chartered accountant,
  • Monthly financial reports and consolidation statements to the parent company.


  • An immediate and operational commercial implementation
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Easier and simplified staff management
  • A strengthened commercial presence
  • A seamless and fully modular implantation

And more

Our international trade experts will mentor you during all the phases of your international development: 

Preparation of the estimate of the service

  • Banking assistance and advice for implementation in the country
  • Opening an account abroad
  • Setting up of local or cross-border financing, guarantee
  • Management of financing risks (foreign exchange, interest rate...)

Installation of management

  • Local and international cash management

Banking and financial support:

  • Opening an account with the support of Crédit Agricole Group's International Desk
  • Customised financing solution offered by your business manager with the support of Crédit Agricole Group's International Desk

The International Desks of the Crédit Agricole Group abroad will be your contacts for access to banking and financial services in the country.

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