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Part time export sales representative

You want to develop your export activities thanks to employees dedicated to your development in key markets.

The Crédit Agricole Group, in partnership with ALTIOS International *, offers you to use dedicated commercial resources based in the various ALTIOS sites to ensure the development and the drive of your commercial networks.

* Established in 1991, our partner ALTIOS International has specialised for more than 25 years in the consulting and operational support of international exporting companies. ALTIOS International has developed partnership agreements with the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks and LCL. 
With its 18 subsidiaries and 160 employees, ALTIOS International has supported more than 5000 French companies since 1991in their international growth projects, in order to approach foreign markets in optimal conditions and strengthen their activities.


Basic principles

Basic principles

We offer you an integrated solution, giving you access to:

1.    Permanent visibility in the targeted country

  • Operational Base abroad to manage your growth 
  • Location of your office to our address in the country (representative office),
  • Mail service help desk, telephone and meeting room...

The provision of ALTIOS International allows you to commercially acquire a local presence, and put yourself, therefore, on equal footing with your local competitors.

2.    A time sharing export sales representative

The export manager is an ALTIOS International specialist market sales executive. He is dedicated to the company's project on third time, part time or full time over periods of 3, 6 or 12 months according to the defined needs. You benefit from his local experience to delegate the task of representing you and looking after the interests of your company. This intervention can cover functions as varied as:

  • Prospecting, business development tasks,
  • Distributor tracking and sales drive
  • Competitive intelligence, preparation and management of trade fairs,
  • Implementation of marketing materials, public relations, representation etc.

3.    ALTIOS International specialist services

Local teams contribute to your development and support your activity. You benefit from a complete administrative, legal and accounting assistance to support you in your growth, according to the development of your flows:

  • Order taking, cash collection, logistics tracking,
  • Creation and branch address, accounting management,
  • Recruitment, accommodation, social management of your employees etc.


  • You get a local presence without the costs and risks of a subsidiary
  • You offer your business contacts a close interface, a pledge of commitment to their side
  • You are in control of your trade policy and your customers
  • You can rely on experienced employees, integrated in the networks of local business
  • You have a flexible representation at the best cost

And more

During the setting up of the trade office, our international trade experts will advise you on:

  • Secure payments solutions
  • Solutions for financing export receivables  
  • Best suited solutions for hedging foreign exchange risks
  • The implementation of banking services for the collection of export receivables, including overseas if necessary

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