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International Cash Management

You have branches in France or abroad. Management of your cash flow is getting more complex as you grow. With our International Cash Management solutions you will, on a daily basis, have the tools required for the financial management of your branches with accounts in Euros or in foreign currencies held in other countries.

Basic principles

Basic principles

Your multi-service company abroad wants to have a consolidated view of its cash flow. Via our International Cash Management solutions you will always have your account summaries in EUR or in foreign currencies held in other countries.

We will also provide you with technical solutions to pull up the cash flow from your accounts held in other countries to your central account held by our bank. You can thus either initiate flow call-ups on terms that you set, or automate the call-up by defining the trigger thresholds. You can also cover the debits from your accounts abroad to minimise your financial fees.

Your needs

Your needs

    Your business operates internationally with non-resident accounts abroad and/or branches set up in several countries. You would like to have a consolidate view of your cash flow and manage all of your accounts, whether they are held within the Crédit Agricole Group network or in other banks.



Daily reporting of your accounts held abroad: every day you will have access to summaries from your accounts held abroad. You will thus be better equipped to steer your group’s cash flow. The account summaries transmitted via Swift MT940 are provided to you in the CFONB 120 format. You can thus automatically integrate them into your cash flow software.

Consolidated view of your different business units established abroad: You will be able to centralise the flows from these accounts in your centralised account in our bank.

Optimised management of your flows on a daily basis:

  • Whatever your bank, we can centralise your statements and transmit them to you in a standardised format compatible with your accounting software
  • You define the trigger thresholds and balances to be met for each of the accounts
  • You can recover the account summaries from your branches using one single connection

And more

  • You will benefit from the operational reliability and security of our payment platform to ensure the confidentiality and secure processing of your data.
  • To facilitate the implementation of these solutions, you will benefit from the support of our flow experts in the region.
  • Our International Desks can also support you in opening your accounts at the heart of our banking network abroad or, if we are not present in the country in question, with our frontline partner banks, which includes the Unicash network, in order to meet your cash management needs.

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