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Export Factoring

Are you developing your business internationally, and would you like to take advantage of an efficient solution for financing and managing your accounts receivable?

Learn more about Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring’s Export Factoring offer, from now on to be known by its commercial name EUROFACTOR, and take advantage of a variety of customisable services.

Basic principles

Basic principles

Export factoring supports your international activities:

  • you have a new source of cash flow
  • you secure your international development with a guarantee against your clients’ insolvency
  • you simplify the management of your export operations, with your reminders handled by professionals who are familiar with the language, the specific legal aspects and the customs of the country
Your needs

Your needs

    Export factoring is aimed at companies that carry out all or part of their B2B business internationally.



You benefit from flexible and rapid financing of your export activities
Your financing is carried out in your invoicing currency (1) and reflects the growth of your turnover.

Transfer the management of international invoice tracking to Eurofactor
A service free from language issues, local regulations and time differences thanks to the recovery service which identifies any possible conflicts as early as possible and reduces any delays to payment.
Benefit from a consolidated view of your accounts receivable and outstanding amounts.

Secure and develop your business internationally
Find out about the quality of your prospects and customers. Protection offered against the risk of unpaid invoices up to 100% of the amount (2) of your invoices.

Efficiently manage your contract with a close relationship
Benefit from a single contact person for your export and domestic transactions (if needed).
Manage your contract 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in complete ease on the Eurofactor Online website and on the mobile app (5).

(1) Currencies are quoted based on an accepted list, consistent with the financial policy in the factor’s country..
(2) Within the limits of the guarantees granted.



And more

The benefits of our expertise in export factoring

  • Knowledge of and respect for legal regulations, commercial constraints and local practices
  • Debt recovery and collection operations adapted to local conditions and your business activity
  • Fast transactions thanks to our institutions located abroad: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal

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