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Head of International Desk Africa, Middle East

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Last updated: august 2023

The Africa International Desk supports business clients with a comprehensive service, particularly in the following areas: banking and para-banking advice, opening accounts (including MAD, foreign currency, convertible MAD and special markets account), setting up financing, exchange regulations and assistance with setting up via its network of partners: getting established in Morocco, local branch, finding premises, recruitment, etc.

Crédit Agricole currently draws on Crédit du Maroc, its former subsidiary sold in December 2022 to the Moroccan conglomerate Holmarcom. Based on the model of a locally-based global bank Crédit Morocco offers products and services to individual, professional and agricultural clients, as well as to businesses.

Others business units present in Morocco:

  • Leasing: Crédit du Maroc Leasing
  • Factoring: Crédit du Maroc Factoring
  • Other specialised financial services: Real estate development, Insurance, Trade finance, Stock exchange intermediation, Financial engineering, Capital markets
  • Asset management: Amundi with participation in Wafagestion
  • Consumer lending: CA Consumer Finance with participation in Wafasalaf

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Positioning and organisation of businesses on the market:

Crédit du Maroc (CdM) has historically been orientated towards large multinational businesses, a client base which it still services. CdM is also developing its operations in the SME and mid-size market, which represents significant growth potential. The business clients are supported by specialised advisors in 10 business centres across Casablanca and the rest of Morocco. A Corporate department is specially dedicated to monitoring key accounts (multinationals and local groups generate more than 500 MMAD from CA). Its Centres of Expertise: Services, Real Estate & Construction, Industry, Agri-Agro, Multinationals.


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General Information

Morocco is linked to the European Union by an association agreement that provides for a free trade zone, now called the Industrial Acceleration Zone. The recent granting of "advanced status" is above all a political will on the part of the EU to strengthen its ties with this country in order to accelerate its reforms.

The general environment is favorable (political stability, modern financial system open to foreign capital, qualified and inexpensive workforce...). There are different possible statuses for companies wishing to set up in Morocco, with encouragement for export activities, particularly in industrial acceleration zones.

Means of Payment & Banking Specificities

It is recommended to secure the payment of exports (confirmed documentary credit and export insurance) during the first transactions with an importer.

SWIFT transfers and documentary remittances should be reserved for known counterparties with a good track record, but can also be secured by a guarantee of payment of credit for one and a draft endorsed by a first-rate bank for the other, in order to avoid payment delays.


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