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Head of International Desk United Kingdom, Nordic countries

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Last updated: september 2022

Crédit Agricole Group's International Nordic Countries Desk provides support for the Group's corporate clients in Denmark, relying on leading local partner banks with a wide network of branches as part of a multi-country Nordic approach. 

Crédit Agricole CIB covers major Danish corporate clients from its Stockholm branch.

SODICA Corporate Finance, a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group specialised in mergers and acquisitions, operates in Denmark via its network of partners abroad.

For NBFCs, the International Desk offers the support of local law, accounting firms and its leading partners for company internationalisation.


Means of payment

With Denmark

Company cheque

Bank cheque

SWIFT transfer

Bill of exchange

Promissory note

Documentary remittance

Documentary credit


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General Information
To set up a company:

Denmark can be considered as a test market and good gateway to the Nordic markets, which have more than 24 million consumers with high purchasing power.  This is particularly true for consumer products. However, it is be more appropriate to choose one agent per country and not one Danish agent covering the whole area, in order to take into account local characteristics.

The Danish government has endeavoured to create a favourable framework with the dynamic support of the national investment promotion agency (Invest in Denmark), a branch of which is based in Paris. In 2020, Denmark  was ranked number 1 in Europe and number 4 worldwide according to the "Ease of doing business" index (World Bank)

English is widely used, particularly in the business world. German could be an alternative understood by many if they speak neither English nor Danish.

Danes have a reputation for being very pragmatic and efficient in business. So keep it short and to the point. Once a decision has been made, it is rare for a Danish businessman to agree to renegotiate what has been agreed. 


Means of Payment & Banking Specificities

Like other Nordic nations, Danes are very inclined to use cashless payments such as bank transfers (domestic or international), mobile phone applications or bank cards. Cheques have become unusual and the use of cash very rare.

The preferred means of payment in Denmark for international commercial transactions are the documentary credit and the SWIFT transfer.


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