Accompaniment : Altios, 30 years old, a French international success story

September 08, 2021

Altios, an international business development company, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since its creation in Sydney by Bruno Mascart in 1991, it has become the leader in its market, the only one to reach the size of an ETI. 
Some of the key figures of the Altios group summarize the progress made in thirty years: a presence in 22 countries, via 33 offices, with nearly 750 multilingual employees, 50 languages spoken, more than 10,000 clients worldwide, and a turnover of nearly 50 million euros. Today, it can support a French company in the United States as well as a Russian company in India. "Think global, act local" has become one of his leitmotifs.

Since then, Bruno Mascart has been joined by two other French partners, Boris Lechevalier and Patrick Feron, and, very recently, after the merger of M+V, a German partner Klaus Maier (our photo*).

During all these years, the small consulting firm created in Australia has patiently developed a whole ecosystem around it, to strengthen its client portfolio as well as the skills it can mobilize, while at the same time leading its own international development. Its DNA, instilled by its partners, is to be as enterprising as the entrepreneurs they support.

"We do what we teach our clients", Bruno Mascart modestly declared during an outdoor birthday party, for once without a mask, but with a mandatory health pass... "We build long-term relationships".

Many partners were represented at this event where the speeches, due to internationalization, were made mainly in English. They were full of praise for the progress of this SAI, which has become an ETI.

"A great French success story," said Christophe Lecourtier, Director General of Business France, who has worked to improve public-private relations in this field. He recalled that the first partnership with Altios dates back to 2017 and that the latter, a historical partner of the VIE scheme, was also the referent operator of the Team France Export public service in about twenty countries (company domiciliation, VIE portage, representation ...). "A great example of pragmatism," said the Director General of Business France, "able to work with the public service and vice versa, whatever Le Moci says," he joked.

Pedro Novo, Executive Director of Export of Bpifrance, also present, also praised this career, recalling that the two main ingredients of the "secret sauce" to succeed internationally were "money" and "your advice". "One cannot go without the other," he added. Catherine Eydoux, director of the Crédit Agricole Group's International Support division, agreed, as she entrusts Altios with some of her clients' support services: "We have money, but that's not enough. You also need to have a very local and very global ecosystem.

The story seems far from over. "I'm already thinking about the next five years," said Bruno Mascart.


Source : Le MOCI /Christine Gilguy 

On the photo, from left to right: François Lamotte (Altios France), Klaus Maier (M+V), Patrick Feron (Altios), Catherine Eydoux (Crédit Agricole), Pedro Novo (Bpifrance), Bruno Mascart (Altios), Boris Lechevalier (Altios)

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