March 21, 2024

Heads of the International Business Solutions Support Desks met in France from 18 to 29 March to take part in the Crédit Agricole Group's International Business Days (IBD), organised by the following networks:


· LCL on 18 March in Paris,

· CA Anjou Maine on 19 March in Angers,

· CA Atlantique Vendée on 20 March in Nantes,

· CA Normandie on 21 March in Caen,

· CA Centre Loire on 22 March in Orléans,

· CA Sud Méditerranée on 27 March in Perpignan,

· CA Nord Midi Pyrénées 28 on March in Albi,

· CA Toulouse 31 on 29 March in Toulouse.


These client events were organised around plenary sessions on the economic outlook for 2024, international risks and opportunities, financing and securing international operations, setting up business successfully, new developments in the international public sector, gaining competitiveness by controlling your customs clearance, export strategy and the CR Altios partnership, etc., round tables, workshops and one-to-one meetings.


They provided the Crédit Agricole Group with an opportunity to publicise its international business support services.

The International Business Days provided an opportunity for fruitful exchanges between the heads of the International Business Solutions Support Desks, the international experts from the networks and business units (CAL&F), and the Group's various partners (Altios International, Coface, Team France Export, BPI, Customs, etc.).


Feedback on the quality of discussions with the International Desks, networks and partners has been very positive.

See you in October 2024 for the next edition!