Guide "Visa for USA"

August 10, 2022

To support its entrepreneurial clients in their international development, taking advantage of the ecosystem of innovation and startups, the Crédit Agricole Group has launched in 2019 the collection of guides for professionals "Visa for", with a first guide on Northern Europe. Then a second dedicated to Southeast Asia.

A third guide on the United States has been added to this collection. Like the previous ones, it is written by French practitioners working in the Crédit Agricole Group entity covering the area.

Click here to access the flipbook "Visa for the United States" (French version only)


You will find :

  • A lot of information revealing the dynamism of these areas in terms of innovations of all kinds,
  • Practical advice to explore the local potential (innovation actors, events, contacts, etc.),
  • Concrete information to help you set up a local partnership or business, supported by a favourable environment (administrative formalities, business practices, financing, etc.)

The Crédit Agricole Group will add new editions covering other areas.